A man traveled to a faraway land in search of work and soon found himself in a village. He saw that the people of the village were splitting wood with their bare hands.

“Brothers,” he said, “why are you splitting the wood with your hands? Don’t you have an axe?”
“What is an axe?” the villagers asked.

Once upon a time there lived a greedy king. One day he announced to the people of his country, "If anyone tells me a lie which I admit must surely be a lie, that person shall receive half of my kingdom."

Once upon a time there lived a poor man who had become a fisherman's carrier. He received a few fish every day as payment for his labors. The poor man would take the fish home to his wife as his whole living.

Once upon a time there was a rooster. While foraging around, the rooster discovered a gold coin. He flew up to a rooftop and crowed.
“Cock-a-doodle-doo, I've found some money.”
The greedy king heard the rooster, so he ordered his ministers to snatch the gold and bring it to him ...

Once upon a time there was an old woman who had a goat. One day she milked her goat, then set the bucket aside so that she might gather sticks to light a fire and boil the milk. While she was gone, a fox came and began lapping up the milk.

Once upon a time there lived a poor man. No matter how hard he worked, no matter how much he tried, he was miserable and poor. One day in despair he got up and said, “I must go to God and ask when I will be rid of this poverty. I shall ask him to give me good fortune.”

Once upon a time, there was a miserable man by the name of Nazar.
Nazar was an unskilled and lazy man. Most of all he was cowardly. So cowardly that he feared to put one foot in front of the other while alone, even if doing so would save his life. One night ...

With the blessing of our parents, one day we woke up early, five or six of us, and went for the hunt. Tatos was there and Matos, Toros, Tevos, my father and me. We set off at dawn with our spears and guns, ready for the hunt. Tatos was there and Matos, Toros, Tevos, my father and me. ...

Once upon a time there lived two brothers, the one cunning and the other foolish. The cunning brother always tormented the foolish brother and made him do all the work. He did this so much that eventually the foolish one began to feel hopeless.

Once upon a time there lived a husband and wife. This husband and wife bickered constantly and thought one another very foolish. One day, the husband bought a large amount of ghee butter and rice. He put them on the porter’s back and sent them home.

Once upon a time there lived a woman with a daughter named Hoori. Hoori was a lazy, useless girl. From morning until evening, she would do nothing but sit and sing ...



Once upon a time there lived a poor husband and wife who had three daughters. One day while the father was working, he became thirsty and sent his eldest daughter to fetch him some water.
The girl carried a jug to a well ...

One day a curious rooster flew up to a rooftop to see the world. He stretched out his neck but a mountain blocked his view. He could see nothing.
“Brother Koochy,” the rooster on the rooftop said to the dog in the yard, “do you know what is on the other side of that mountain?”

Once upon a time a mighty king reigned over the city of Baghdad. The king would often wander his capital city in disguise to see what was going on. One night, as he walked a back street disguised as a dervish, he heard songs and music coming from a humble house.

There once was a city called Nukim. The name has been preserved until our modern times, yet its location is still unknown. It was a cold city with two winters and a summer. During one
particularly cold winter, the people flooded the streets all together as a noisy crowd and besieged the houses of the city’s leaders.

I heard this story from our elders, our elders heard it from their elders, and those elders heard it from elders of their own.
There once lived a poor peasant who had only a pair of oxen and a plot of land just large enough for one day’s plowing. During the winter, the poor peasant’s oxen died ...

During the rule of a mighty king in Persia, a man dressed as a monk came to the town of Spahan from a distant land. The monk used a stick to draw a large circle in the middle of the town square, and then he sat down next to it without uttering a single word ...

A little orphan dressed in rags shivered from the cold, leaning against the walls of the luxurious mansions of the rich. He stretched his palm towards the people, hoping for some charity and kindness.

Once upon a time there was a poor miller. He lived in a tumbledown watermill on a riverbank. He always wore a torn coat and a hat covered in flour, and he only ate ashy flat bread with a piece of cheese.

One day he went to let the water run out from the mill. When he came back to his table, he saw that his cheese was gone ...

Once upon a time there was a bird that got a splinter in his foot.
He flew here and there until he saw an old woman looking for firewood to heat up her tonir oven and bake some bread.
The bird said to her, “Grandma, dear grandma, remove the splinter from my foot. Use it to heat your tonir. Then I will go pecking around and live my life.”

Once upon a time there lived a poor man named Panos. He was a kind man, but no matter what he tried to do, things always seemed to go wrong. For this reason, he was given the nickname Hapless Panos ...

There once was a goat that lived deep in a forest with her beautiful kid. Every day she would leave the kid at home and go to a field to graze. Then every evening she would come home with her udders full of milk.

Once upon a time there lived two poor brothers who kept worrying about what to do and how to earn a living. They decided that the younger brother would stay at home while the elder would serve a rich man and send home the wages he had earned. And so the elder brother set off to serve a rich man ...